Tips to Get the Most from Your Massage

For many, massage therapy is considered a very important part of their health care; and as such, needs to be taken seriously. While a massage will surely feel amazing, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from those sessions.
Timing, Timing, Timing
Try to schedule your massage when you can take the time after to really soak in the benefits and enjoy that after-massage feeling. While you may think that squeezing it into a busy week will make a crazy week better, if you’re rushing back to work, or anywhere else, it can be difficult to enjoy the stress relief you’re meant to after your session. While it’s definitely beneficial to just go home and nap and relax all day after a massage, that may not always be possible. So, at the very least, schedule out some extra time after your session, even for just an additional hour or so, to do something relaxing; go for lunch, spend some time at the park, catch up with a friend, or whatever can keep you feeling great for longer.
Wear Comfortable Clothes
The last thing you want when you’re getting off of the massage table is to try to squeeze into your favorite night on the town jeans, or uncomfortable high heels. Your muscles are feeling great, your mind is clear, and your body is adjusting to this wonderful new relaxed feeling. Bring super comfy clothes so you don’t feel restricted for the rest of your day. If you’re headed straight home afterwards, bring your pajamas! There’s no judgement here.
Eat Something Light
Eating a light snack before your massage can help you feel your best after, but it’s important to not eat a large meal. Deep pressure will usually feel amazing on your back, but not so much if you have a full stomach getting that pressure too. Save the larger meal for after your massage, when you’re likely to be more hungry anyway.
To get the most from any massage, it’s important for you to communicate honestly with me. If you’re tender in an area, have pain, or if anything has changed since our last session, please let me know. My job is to help you find relief. That last thing I want is for you to be uncomfortable or just not enjoying the work.
Massage therapy is health care. So, help me help you get the most out of your session.